How to send bulk email without spamming?

How can you scale email sending without spamming? Let's find out...

Unfortunately, the terms “bulk email” and “spamming” show up together all too often.

The reason is, many spammers go after bulk email as a way to hit a wider target (which almost never works, believe me).

Email campaigns, whether cold or warm, need to be highly targeted and relevant.

If they’re not, they’re spam.

Tips to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

  • Include an unsubscribe link
  • Use familiar name and address
  • Maintain email frequency
  • Send relevant and valuable emails

That’s about it! Follow these tips and you’ll be making sales and building trust with your emails in no time.

Get Permission to Send Emails

The best way to ensure that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder is to get permission from the recipient first.

This shows that you respect the recipient’s privacy and ensures that you’re sending emails to people who are interested in hearing from you. Keep the balance between images and text.

Set Up Your Email Sending Properly

The next step is to set up filters that prevent your domain from sending email to hard-off addresses more than once. But the people who subscribed to the email list a year ago most likely forgot you and think that your email is spam.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows email senders to add an email message to their domain name to verify authenticity. You should treat all your email campaigns as a direct extension of your business and brand.

If an email recipient can’t find an unsubscribe link and doesn’t want to receive any more emails, the next logical step is to mark your email as spam.

Avoid Spam Words

Using words like “free” and “money” and “claim” is a red flag for spam filters as well as the subscribers on your email list.

E-mails without unsubscribe links are usually automatically marked as spam AND violate anti-spam and anti-advertising laws such as CAN-SPAM (USA) and UWG (Germany). If you don’t upgrade their storage and send emails as usual, subscribers may report your address.

Using misleading or inaccurate “from,” “replies to,” or “to” information in your email is against CAN-SPAM law. Then it should build trust with the reader and motivate them to take action and respond to your emails.

Explain again who your brand is, why you took a long break, and your email schedule for the future.

When you send emails to a purchased bulk list and hundreds of people mark your email as spam, a negative signal is sent to spam filters.

The best way to make sure you’re DMARC compliant is to use your own verified domain to send email.


Spam is horrible and everyone hates it.

Stay away from SPAM words, set up your email sending technology properly, and get familiar with your audience – this is the way you get real results from bulk email.

Always focus on adding value before selling!


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