How to bulk email from gmail?

To send a bulk email directly from your Gmail account, simply compose a new email and enter your contact addresses. It’s important to respect your recipients’ privacy — choose the BCC option when you enter your contacts. This will hide all email addresses from the recipients. Now that you know how to send bulk email on Gmail, that doesn’t mean you should. Use the Salesphone web app, open an email campaign, and create a new campaign to send bulk emails.

Upload your first list to a CSV file. When uploading, you have the option to clean and verify the email list using the additional functions of Saleshandy. This removes spam emails and invalid emails. By reviewing and cleaning emails, email bounces are reduced and your credibility improves to send bulk emails more efficiently.

When contacts are grouped by variables such as location, willingness to buy, or simply their size, users can save a lot of time and energy when they search through crowded contact lists or emails to find the people they need. Email marketing today has grown to a very high standard when it comes to design (if you don’t believe us, check out these email marketing examples). If you don’t perform these checks, your email service and its content will be referred to as an advertisement and filtered into the appropriate folders. Having a name makes your bulk mailing look more personal and helps you avoid email spam filters.

With an email marketing solution that’s optimized for mass email, your campaigns look better, get delivered to the inbox, and get better results. But with the process we covered above, one of our customers plans and sends 10,000-50,000 emails a day. It’s not recommended to send multiple emails at once, as this can damage your email account reputation and result in your emails ending up in the recipient’s spam box. In addition, Saleshandy lets you set up automated follow-ups for the bulk email campaign you send, so you don’t have to do email follow-ups manually and also increase the response rate of your campaign.

When you send a bulk email in Gmail now, you’ll need to manually verify that everyone on your list has subscribed and that all unsubscribes have been removed. A technical (but still very creative) writer at eSputnik with a strong focus on design, current digital marketing trends, and new solutions for email automation. To send bulk emails, follow the steps above and create the next campaigns with a difference of 24 hours. With mail merge, you can add personalized data to every email you send in an email campaign.

When you send outreach email from your GSuite or Outlook accounts, your email isn’t authenticated with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records by default. This allows them to clear the inbox of spam and promotional emails that may not necessarily need your prospect’s immediate attention. By optimizing your campaigns, you can deliver your emails directly to your prospect’s primary inbox folders, where they’re more likely to be opened and replied to.


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