How can I send bulk emails?

So you want to get your message out to many people all at once…

The term bulk email refers to emails that are sent to a large group of people.

Decide if Bulk Email is the Right Strategy

While it can be tempting and often cost-effective to blow up all recipients on your subscriber list via email, this approach typically generates lukewarm engagement and can actually hurt the overall success of your email program.

But, if you truly have a targeted message for a targeted group of people – bulk email is the way to get in their inbox.

So whether you’re sending an email to one person or 100 million recipients, you need to practice sending responsibly.

Before you can send your first email, you need to find an email service provider that can handle the volume of email you’re trying to send and meet your deliverability expectations.

Using the Right Email Service Provider

Unfortunately, you can’t just dive right in and send 1 million emails a day.

I recommend using Amazon SES as your SMTP. This will be the backend technology that actually sends your emails.

It’s super reliable as a sender and you can send 10,000 emails per month for free.

Warm Up Your Email Sender

Before you can send bulk email, you must warm up your IP address and sender domain to prove to Internet service providers (ISPs) that you are a reputable sender.

While subscribers are constantly coming and going, aim for an unsubscribe rate of less than 1% and always work to grow your email list.

You can use something like ProspectingToolkit’s warmup feature to jumpstart this process.

Email Content & Design Matters

Your emails are the face of your brand, so sending professional-looking messages is critical to the overall success of your marketing strategies.

I recommend using Tilda or something like that to create HTML templates that you can import into any sending program.

I suggest you check some really good emails to model your email designs from.

A Few Tips:

  • Always focus on one call to action per email (don’t overwhelm your audience)
  • Include a large button so you can make your call to action clear
  • Use social proof as much as possible to build trust
  • Focus 100% on providing value about your subject – not selling

Can I Use Gmail to Send Bulk Email?

Google will temporarily deactivate your account if your email has been marked as spam or if you’ve sent a large number of undeliverable messages to invalid email addresses.

Not only can losing subscribers impact your email metrics, it can also impact your ability to meet business goals.

Because email marketing services, like Amazon SES, are specifically designed for mass email, deliverability is far better than Gmail.

How Do I Automate the Sending?

Now you have your bulk email sender and you’re ready to start automating your emails.

I highly recommend going with either FluentCRM or MailPoet, which are plugins hosted on WordPress, to automate your email campaigns.

Why use WordPress plugins?

  1. Extremely affordable – save tons of money on automation software
  2. Flexible and sophisticated – these tools give you very powerful features to automate and track your email campaigns
  3. Self hosted – you own all of your data and can keep it private

With this tech stack, you will be sending highly engaging emails at scale with tools that cost a fraction of the popular email marketing software out there.

A Word About Cold Email

Cold email is a different animal compared to newsletter/subscriber type email campaigns.

With cold email, you’ll want to use the same email SMTP sender (or Gmail at lower quantities), and ProspectingToolkit to scrape B2B contact data and automate your sending.

This is because the nature of a cold email campaign is more of a personal, 1-to-1 type relationship.

Tips on Cold Email:

  • Detect replies and stop sending after someone replies (ProspectingToolkit automatically does this)
  • Focus on the value you can provide the person, and show proof as much as possible
  • Start with lower quantities, get good reply rates (10%+), then scale up the quantity
  • Personalize the first line of your email so they know you’re not “bulk emailing” them (it feels sales-y)
  • Consider, if you got that email – would you open, read, and reply to it?

Replies are a huge factor in cold email deliverability. Make sure you’re getting replies before your scale up volume, or you will end up in the SPAM folder.

Cold email works, but it has to be targeted and it has to provide value.

Get creative and stand out from the crowd.


Sending bulk emails is relatively simple and easy.

You need an SMTP sender, a way to design beautiful emails, and a way to automate the sending of those emails and managing your contact lists.

Once you have those solid, like we’ve explained, you’ll be able to print money with email.


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