Can you send bulk email with office 365?

Office 365 Exchange Online is not used to send email in bulk. If you send a lot of emails and exceed the limit of Office 365, the user or tenant may be blocking email sending. Choose the format that you want to use. Choose OK to insert the merge field.

I work in a school. When we send mass emails to students for circulars. It blocks the sender and puts it in a restricted category. I am using an Office 365 A3 license.

Can you please suggest a solution to this problem. We need to send multiple circulars from the same account all the time. Microsoft Outlook supports sending email to many recipients at once, but some conditions can limit how many bulk emails you can send. If your office uses cloud-based Office 365 as your email system, Microsoft limits the number of emails you can send per day.

If you have an email service through another company, that company may impose its own restrictions. With MailMerge365, you can efficiently send an email to many people. Simply write your message in Outlook and select an Excel or CSV with your email addresses. Each email is sent separately, which increases the likelihood that your recipients won’t get into spam and advertising tabs.

When you try to send emails that would increase your account over 10,000 messages, messages appear to be sent 10,001 and later, but they will be returned as undeliverable shortly. When you send as an attachment, the email doesn’t contain any body, but the message is sent as an attached document. MailMerge365 does not accept sending email campaigns to lists of email addresses that you have obtained illegally for spam, phishing, or other illegal services. In the E-mail format box, select HTML (default) or Text only to send the document as the body of the e-mail message.

To take advantage of this type of ROI, you’ll need to invest in a dedicated email marketing service like Sendinblue, because Outlook alone simply won’t lower it. MailMerge365 then helps you send it as if you had sent it from your own Outlook account. This makes your recipients more likely to read it, interact with you, and respond to you. Make sure your data source has a column for email addresses, and that there’s an email address for everyone you’re emailing to. If you want to use your Outlook contacts, make sure that Outlook is your default e-mail program and is the same version as Word.

But this is important because people don’t want unwanted email and will immediately mark you as spam if they haven’t given you permission to contact them. When you use the Outlook Web App, trying to send too many emails immediately results in an error message.


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