Can we send bulk email?

Simply put, an email is an email that is sent to a large group of people. Your reasons for sending an email explosion (also known as mass email) may vary. You might have a limited-time offer, a big announcement, or something else you want people to know about. Email explosions are different from transactional emails. Technically, you can send bulk email with Gmail.

However, since it was not specifically designed for this purpose, you need to be aware of its limitations. We all know that Gmail has set certain restrictions for sending bulk email. They restrict such actions because they don’t want to compromise the user experience on their platform. Sending 10,000 emails at once also puts your email deliverability at risk.

To run an effective email campaign, messages you send should connect you and your recipients in a meaningful way. Here are recommendations that can help you improve the effectiveness of your bulk email. Interested in becoming a professional? Creating a sequence of emails instead of just one email is (optional) step 4 in our step-by-step guide. With mail merge on sales interaction platforms such as Saleshandy, you can personalize templates and email content with minimal effort on the scale while sending outreach emails in bulk.

By reviewing and cleaning emails, email bounces are reduced and your credibility improves to send bulk emails more efficiently. It’s very likely that your emails will end up in spam if you send out your bulk email campaigns without optimizing deliverability. If you’ve been sending mass emails for a while, some of your emails may have been reported as spam by your prospects. While it’s pretty easy to bulk schedule emails and send them to your prospects, they’re not guaranteed to end up in their primary inbox.

As you can see, mass email from Gmail can’t replace a professional automated marketing platform if you take your marketing strategies seriously and send multiple campaigns to a large contact base. However, there are a number of caveats as Gmail isn’t optimized for mass mailing, while SendPulse is specifically designed to send bulk email for free, including Gmail recipients. After the first step, you’ll need to create a list of your recipients that you want to send a bulk email to from Gmail or Outlook. Having a name makes your bulk mailing look more personal and helps you avoid email spam filters.

To send marketing emails to large volumes of contacts, you need a dedicated bulk email service like Sendinblue. Bulk email, also known as bulk email, refers to sending promotional email campaigns to a large list of contacts (customers, subscribers, leads, etc.) Finally, you can use a bulk email service that is specifically designed to send email to large mailing lists. In many countries and regions, commercial or bulk email must include information that identifies the sender.

In addition, Saleshandy lets you set up automated follow-ups for the bulk email campaign you send, so you don’t have to do email follow-ups manually and also increase the response rate of your campaign. And even though Gmail is positioned as an inbox for private messaging rather than commercial purposes, it lets you send bulk email to multiple recipients.


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